About Us

The Greater London Bus Map series is based on the style of London Transport's maps of the late '70s. It shows the complete bus network in and around London, including school routes and night buses, regardless of operator. New editions are normally produced twice a year, usually in May and November. There is an enlarged map of the Central London area which also shows some places of interest. The maps include a comprehensive route list giving details of all London Bus routes, including days of operation and operator. The map is privately-produced in my spare time, and raises money to make a charity donation to a different worthwhile cause for each issue.

The Map does not compete with London Buses' own maps. It provides a greater depth of information covering all buses in and around London which is helpful for anyone wanting to travel by bus in London, those within the transport industry, enthusiasts and people wanting details of night buses or school buses. It is now the only map showing the entire London bus network as London Buses no longer produces its own all-London bus map. The Greater London Bus Map is not an official publication of London Buses, but their assistance and co-operation is gratefully acknowledged. Timetables issued by County Councils and many bus operators also help in compiling the information.

For More Information visit our website: www.busmap.co.uk